So the phone rings at 6.30AM..
i figure has to be a serious emergency, so i answer it..
turns out Bronte (we changed Hannahs name to Bronte for the sake of protecting her identity) is totally distressed her phone is all busted up..
I race down to the store.. she has to be somewhere before 9AM..
she comes in about 7.03AM…
I look at her phone wondering whats wrong with it.. I have to look really close.. Her iphone 7 has a massively tiny crack in it.. looking closely i can see the crack.. so i joke around about her first world problem.. we laugh and have a great chat for 15 minutes.. another job well done..
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Customer comes in today.. Miss Teenager.. totally devastated as her iphone 6S is totally dead.. turns out she dropped it in the toilet on the weekend.. People how many of us are dropping phones in toilets.. Anyway on opening the phone its not looking good. Miss Tween is even more devastated..

3 Hours later Miss Tween returns turns out we got her phone going again.. She screams out.. “OMG Gadgetman this is the BEST day of my life”..

Gadgetman says to Little Miss… ‘You really need to shoot a little higher than a working iphone.”

Mother and customers start laughing.. Miss Tween kinda doesn’t get it.. 🙂

Miss Tween is just happy to have a working phone..

And we all live happily ever after.

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So Kyle and Jed come in..
turns out JED knocks Kyles phone out of his hand..
Both pretty gutted.. like a real trooper JED rocks over..
Hey Gadgetman I busted my buddy phone..
how much its going to cost me to fix..
Closes a sweet deal for the good mojo for fixing his buddy phone..
Phone Etiquette Rule No 1
Lend your phone to someone and all bets are off.
Phone Etiquette Rule No 2
Someone knocks your phone out of your hand..
THEY SHOULD PAY.. or at least pay HALF
Phone Etiquette Rule No 3
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Go see Gadget Hospital and its team of AWESOME Technicians..
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Gadget Hospital Burleigh Heads
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Gadget Hospital Burleigh Heads
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