Customer comes in today.. Miss Teenager.. totally devastated as her iphone 6S is totally dead.. turns out she dropped it in the toilet on the weekend.. People how many of us are dropping phones in toilets.. Anyway on opening the phone its not looking good. Miss Tween is even more devastated..

3 Hours later Miss Tween returns turns out we got her phone going again.. She screams out.. “OMG Gadgetman this is the BEST day of my life”..

Gadgetman says to Little Miss… ‘You really need to shoot a little higher than a working iphone.”

Mother and customers start laughing.. Miss Tween kinda doesn’t get it.. ūüôā

Miss Tween is just happy to have a working phone..

And we all live happily ever after.

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Gadget Hospital Burleigh Heads

We service Burleigh Heads, Robina, Tweed Heads, Tweed City, Burleigh, Coolangatta and the whole south Gold Coast Region


So Miss Bekki comes in, phone all busted up, dead as a mauritian dodo.. no chance of coming back.. she says Gadgetman my friend told me to come see you, nobody can fix my phone. Gadgetman says to Bekki, ‘Bekki do you believe’, Bekki looks at gadgetman with a weird look, Gadgetman says.. ‘don’t worry Bekki, I Believe…
3 Hours later Bekki comes back to pick up her phone contacts, selfies, notes and music all intact..
Moral of the Story.. Believe… ūüôā
Anyway we been busy repairing, check out some of these
Big lean towards Samsung tablet repairs lately, Samsung Tab A, samsung tab, samsung tab pro, samsung tab s, (all samsung tab model numbers are on the back.. bottom in really small writing, cracked screen, battery replacement, not turning on, charging issues, not charging, ipad air cracked screen, ipad air not turning on, ipad air dead, iPhone 5 repair, iPhone 6 cracked screen, samsung s7 edge cracked screen, s7 edge repair, ipad air water damage, ipad water damage, samsung s5 repair, samsung cracked screen, samsung s6 water damage, ipad mini cracked screen, ipad repair, ipad cracked screen, microsoft repair, microsoft cracked screen, iPhone 5s cracked screen, iPhone 6s repair, iPhone 5s water damage repair, finished the day with a sassing galaxy note 3 glass repair.
Gadget Hospital Surfers Paradise
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We service Surfers Paradise, Southport, Main Beach, Pacific Fair, Australia Fair, Mermaid, Mermaid Beach, Broadbeach and the whole Gold Coast Surfers Paradis Region.

IPHONE REPAIR SUPER SALE i6S $199, i6+ $149, i6 $99, i5S 5c 5 $49

13th November 2016
** People of Surfers Paradise, did you know your paying more for smartphone repairs than anywhere on the coast. Well all that changes this weekend.
Apple iPhone Screen Repair Prices
iPhone 6S $199
iPhone 6 Plus $149
iPhone 6 $99
iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 $49
iPads you will be SHOCKED at the prices we were quoted when we called around
Apple iPad Screen Repair Prices
iPad 2, 3, 4 $49
iPad Air $59
iPad Mini $69
Got any other repairs.. HIT US UP FOR BEST PRICES
Surfers Paradise Front New-3.jpg
Lots of announcements in the coming days, including stuff nobody does on the coast. NOBODY !!
Massive TV Campaign kicking off very very soon..
LIKE COMMENT SHARE For your chance to win some great prizes for Christmas…
Prizes Include Apple iPhone 7, Gold Coast Skydiving Experience, free screen repair.. (we are waiting for permit approval)
Gadget Hospital Surfers Paradise
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Smashed, Cracked, Broken or just plain DEAD..

,we get them all.

Check out some of these awesome repairs..

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Gadget Hospital Burleigh Stocklands
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