So ‘Fi Fi’ comes into the store all hot and flustered.

“Gadgetman, my phone is dead and I have no idea why”

Gadgetman says to Fi Fi, ‘Are you sure you have no idea why, didn’t drop it, leave it in sun, knock it’

With a very sure face FiFi says ‘No idea Gadgetman can you fix it’

So Gadgetman opens the phone right infant of Fifi, low and behold the phone is full of water.

‘How did that get there’ Fifi retorts…

And of course Fifi tried to charge it, put it in the over, turn it on, dance with it, pray to the phone gods that the phone would turn on..


3 Hours later, Fifi comes back to a working phone and all her contacts, photos and data.

Cost ‘Priceless’

Anyway check out some of these interesting repairs..



Check out some of these repairs..

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Smashed, Cracked, Broken or just plain DEAD..

,we get them all.

Check out some of these awesome repairs..

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